Matthew Clayton Gigs in Philly in the Summer of 2017!

Matthew Clayton had a busy summer of 2017, capped off by two major performances.  In June, Matthew had the honor of playing with one of the most important jazz bassists of the last 35 years, Lonnie Plaxico, at South Jazz Parlor, as a member of Dr. Guy's Musiqology.   Mr. Plaxico has shared the stage with some of Matthew's biggest influences, including Dexter Gordon, Sonny Stitt, and Branford Marsalis.   Matthew had the chance to hang with Lonnie and learn from his musical and personal wisdom.  In July, the Matthew Clayton Quartet was back in action for the 11th Annual Lancaster Avenue Jazz Festival in West Philly.   The festival featured the newest iteration of the Matthew Clayton Quartet, with Matthew on saxophone, Adam Faulk on piano, Nimrod Speaks on bass, and Doug Hirlinger on drums.   The Quartet played "A Shade of Jade" by Joe Henderson, followed by a selection of Matthew Clayton originals.  For more information, and pictures from the festival, see the festival website here.  Stay tuned for more updates about Matthew Clayton and his many performances!